:: Фасовщик цемента в клапанные мешки ::


We offer specially developed machine for semi-automatic packing of cement into valve bags with the use of microprocessor controller and strain gages which secure accurate metering.

Machine МФЦ-10 is intended for mechanization of technological process of packing cement, dry mixes, fine-grained materials into closed (valve) bags (as per GOSТ 2226-75) by weight. It allows to improve working conditions at packing areas and to reduce dust content in the air of operator's workplace.

NET weight of bags can be specified from 10 to 50 kg.

Machine is provided with the unit for automatic throwing of filled bag onto transporter line.

Principle of operation is based on mechanical delivery of product (cement) being packed by ROTARY THROWER - without using of compressed air, thus power consumption and dust formation are reduced considerably, and tearing of bags under air pressure is eliminated. Besides, packing of cement and other granular media into valve bags is performed due to centrifugal force imparted by running wheel. The wheel is also functioning as a crusher, in case if sticky cement gets into packing machine. These machines are distinguished by very high stability in operation; direct connection with containers of up to 6000 tons can be provided.

Microprocessor control panel ensures accurate weighing and recording of bags' quantity.


  • Operator selects the required packing dose (for example, 50 kg) on the control panel (controller), "tails" and lags being taken into account;
  • Valve bag is put on the branch pipe manually;
  • Operator presses the button "Start";
  • The bag is fixed pneumatically, with its weight duly recorded, feeding valve is opened, rotary thrower is switched on, and product (cement) to be packed is delivered to the bag through branch pipe;
  • The bag is gradually filled - its weight changes, and rotor speed is reduced upon reaching specified limit, with subsequent stop, and feeding valve is shut. Weight is stored in the controller memory. The bag is fully packed;
  • Pneumatic clamping piece releases the bag, and turning saddle throws it off. Machine is ready to the next packing operation;
  • Packing cycle starts again.

Packing machine can be used as completed with branch belt-type conveyor to ensure loading of bags onto truck eliminating warehousing stage, or to deliver bags directly to the warehouse.

"Packing machine - belt-type conveyor" unit is serviced by one operator. The part of his duties is putting of valve bag onto feeding neck of packing machine.

The key feature during operation of the machine is moisture content of packed material. This machine is not meant for operation with coarse sand (sand packing see here) and other abrasive materials.

Cement packing lines can be equipped with mixer for preparing dry mortars and preparatory bins with direct delivery of packed materials into machines. Mixers are made to order, in accord with customer requirements.

Packing machine is intended for packing of cement and other non-corrosive fine-grained materials.



No Parameter Data
1 Model Centrifugal rotary thrower
2 Time of 50 kg bag packing, s 8-15
3 Productivity, t/hour 5 - 15
4 Error of material dosing into bag, % ±0,45
5 Installed power of the motor, kW 3,0
6 Voltage, V 380
7 Air consumption, l/min 350
8 Weight, kg 250
9 Type of weight controller Microprocessor controller
10 Price, USD on ExWork conditions 5300.00


By request of the Customer, the delivery set can include the system of mechanized acceptance and transfer of cement by screw-type feeders, and belt-type conveyor for delivery of packed bags to warehouse (truck).

Time of manufacture of ordered machine is up to 30 working days.